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What are some mushroom basics?

Mushrooms are part of the Fungi Kingdom, which also includes yeasts and molds. Even though they were once considered to be plants, they are actually more closely related to animals. The largest living organism on earth is a honey fungus that grows in the mountains of Oregon, it measures 2.4 miles across!

There are well over a million species of mushrooms on Earth. Some are edible, others are poisonous, and many are yet unknown. The edible types are not only delicious to eat, they are also very nutritious. Some mushroom varieties are known for their exceptional healing qualities, and they can be used as dietary supplements. Even more, mushrooms have recently been used for environmental applications.

This is because they live by breaking down and eating decaying organic matter, and they play an important role in the cycle of regeneration within an ecosystem. In the near future, mushrooms may actually play an important role in healing the environment and saving the planet.